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What is Art Frankly?

Art Frankly is a platform for the international art world to post jobs, find spaces and discover new opportunities while building an online professional presence.

Who is Art Frankly for?

Art Frankly serves anyone who works in the art world. The platform is tailored specifically for artists, curators, researchers, gallerists, students, and any other creative professionals to find what they need in one place.

How much does Art Frankly cost? / Is Art Frankly free?

It is free to create a profile and use Art Frankly. Users will only pay to post a job, space or opportunity on the site.

How is Art Frankly different?

Unlike many regional platforms, Art Frankly is a global platform with arts professional, jobs, spaces and opportunities from more than fifty countries. Art Frankly is the only global site dedicated solely to serving the art world.

Where is Art Frankly based?

Art Frankly’s headquarters are in Brooklyn, New York. Art Frankly has over 16 employees and consultants based in the U.S. and Europe and the team is always growing.

Can I have multiple profiles?

Yes. You can create a personal profile as well as an institutional profile for the gallery/museum/company you work for with the same account/email address.

How do I build out my profile? (How does it work?)

After creating your profile you can add relevant information by clicking ‘Edit Profile’

How much information do I have to put on my profile?

You can put as much or as little information on your profile as you like. It is up to you. We encourage you to add a profile picture and some basic information to begin with.

Who can see my profile? / Is my profile public?

Only Art Frankly users can see your profile. You can choose how much information to share, but your email address will not be visible to anyone.

How do I post a job on Art Frankly?

Click ‘Post’ in the left sidebar to post a job, space or opportunity.

How do I apply for a job that I see on Art Frankly?

You can apply for a job by clicking ‘Apply’ in the upper right corner when viewing the job post.

Can I promote my art on Art Frankly?

Art Frankly is an objective platform that allows users to highlight their work by uploading their portfolio in hi-res to their profiles and provide links to galleries or websites where the work is sold.

What kind of candidates will I find on Art Frankly?

Art Frankly is the fastest growing network of global arts professionals that includes curators, arts administrators, artists, art handlers, photographers, museum and gallery professionals and more. Art Frankly has partnered with all the top art schools to make sure your post gets the most qualified applicants.

What kind of jobs will I find on Art Frankly?

Art Frankly hosts jobs from across the creative industries.

Do you have special rates for non-profits?

Please email [email protected] for reduced rates for non-profits.

Who are the founders?

Karline Moeller and Josie Hines are the New York born and raised co-founders. Moeller, CEO and co-founder, manages client development and marketing strategy. She has worked for the Cy Twombly Foundation, Mana Fine Arts and has run her own gallery. Josie Hines, COO and co-founder oversees the platform development, finances, legal and operations. Hines previously worked at the World Economic Forum and has extensive experience in project management, mainly in media and entertainment. He holds an MBA from IESE Business School.

How did Art Frankly come about?

Art Frankly arose out of the co-founder Karline’s years of experience working in the arts during which she frequently needed to hire an individual, rent space or look up informationon an individual. She needed a site like Art Frankly that caters specifically to the needs of the art world, so Karline created one!