At the Art Fair

At the Art Fair
At the Art Fair is calling for Your Art in the Spotlight, Promote your art during art fairs through our promotional exhibit option. No need to ship works. Your work, name and Instagram displayed uninterruptedly up to 10 hours per day during the other art fair in Brooklyn, NYC, April 30 – May 3, 2020.

Displaying your work and details before the eyes of Art Colllectors, Art Experts and Art Lovers attending the art fairs in NYC.

Fees apply, but they won’t break you! And the exposure before the right audience is key and amazing.

How To Apply
Send up to 4 images, labeled with artist name and title of work. In the body of the message state the medium, dimensions and a brief bio.
There is a $55 submission fee that is nonrefundable.
If selected to participate, there is an additional fee of $350 plus tax.
At The Art Fair will take no commission on any generated sales.
Please email attheartfair@gmail.com if you have any questions. No phone number listed due to expected volume of entries.
Artists will only be contacted via email,if they are selected.
Why choose this option?
It’s a great way to promote your art in the heart of NYC and the world.
No need to ship works of art unless you sell them, and then you will ship to collectors directly. Your work, your name and your contact info displayed before the eyes of thousands of Art Collectors & Art Lovers during art fairs.