In his own words, Carlos Maneiro:

‘I work between Isla Margarita, Venezuela and the New York City Greater area. The process of my work basically entails capturing the motion of water in a canvas. A process I have named “water impression”. For years water has been an element that I have used in my paintings to convey duality, the duality of it all. For example water can represent both order and chaos, purity and pollution, life and death. And usually this element has been represented by a blue sphere in my paintings. I was consumed by how to capture this element as accurately as possible, so I went to the source. Basically I take a blank canvas to any body of water, being a sea, lake, river, where on some kind of flotation device I place the blank canvas, and as it floats about I apply the paint live, acrylics, (in a way there is no spillage so not to contaminate the water), in this way I let the motion of the water interact with the freshly applied paint to create the basic composition of the painting. Then I take it to the studio and add the final touches there.

Hopefully at some point in my career I can contribute to create awareness about this natural resource that’s becoming more and more of an issue as far as the health and survival of so many people around the world.’

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