Patton Hindle


Patton Hindle

Patton Hindle is the Director of Arts at Kickstarter where she oversees the Arts and Performance Arts team, whose specialists work closely with visual and performing artists, arts organizations, museums and cultural institutions around the world to help them realize creative and ambitious ideas through Kickstarter. Hindle was previously the Director of Gallery and Institutional Partnerships at Artspace and is a current partner at the Lower East Side gallery, yours mine & ours. Hindle came to New York as the Director of DODGE gallery, a Lower East Side program which she helped open and run. She was raised in London and attended university in Boston, Massachusetts. We couldn’t wait to hear her answers and advice about working in the art world. Please enjoy this week’s Frank Talk!

What is the best piece of advice you can give about working in the art world?

Be just as prepared to make the big deals, speak on the panels, and attend the events as you are to take out the trash, clean the toilets, and do administrative work. Most organizations are smaller operations and that means we all have to be able to do everything top to bottom.

What is something you encounter often with employees that tests your patience?

I wouldn’t say there is something that I encounter often but if anything, relating to the above comment, thinking that a task is beneath them. There’s no job too big or small and knowing that every piece makes a significant contribution is essential.

What does a good employee do?

A good employee is able to anticipate the needs of their colleagues/manager. This means being able to present information comprehensively so that their manager is able to review and promptly determine a course of action. Additionally, being kind, supportive, and collaborative goes a long way.

What makes a person hirable?

I look for someone who is enthusiastic about the arts and that passion exudes from them in all their interactions. But, also, someone with a good sense of humor because this is supposed to be fun.

What is the most frowned upon trait for an employee?

Someone who is unable to work collaboratively and sees aggressive ownership over a project. In my experience, most projects, exhibitions, etc. are all bettered by having several informed collaborative parties. I by no means am an expert at everything and I appreciate being able to call upon colleagues and mentors for support.

What are things a person can do to make them stand out in the workplace?

Showing initiative that both respects your position within the organization and that is in line with your skill set. In so doing, you’re able to carve out a niche for yourself wherein people depend on you for a specific skill set or project.

What are things you can do proactively to boost your CV?

Making sure you’re learning and using many of the platforms and programs that run the art world be it a database, Photoshop, Sketchup, etc.

Also, share your CV with someone you look up to for feedback. Often times we have no idea of the small mistakes we may be making on such a crucial document.

What does professional mean to you?

Having an educated opinion and being able to concisely and appropriately share it while also knowing when you should contribute versus observe.

Are there any tips you can give people entering the workforce?

Listen to everything your colleagues do and learn from them. Remember that growth takes time and dedication much of which comes from observation of those who are around you.

Are there any tips you can give for increasing your online presence? Whether with your LinkedIn, Art Frankly or other accounts?

Making sure you stay on top of these outlets with new skills and positions. Also, I recently began to share articles/interviews I’ve written or participated in via these platforms and they help to serve as a resource for the community.



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