Top 10 Most Wanted Art Jobs

Art Frankly is a professional network for the fine arts industries that caters towards users building profiles and searching for their next job, and employers posting jobs, spaces and opportunities.

From our inception in November 2016 Art Frankly has hosted over 1,500 job posts. With jobs like internships, art handlers, gallery assistants, registrars, museum directors and security guards – we have almost seen it all! With more residencies, auction houses, galleries and museums joining Art Frankly and posting jobs each week, we thought we would share some insights for arts job seekers around the world and let you know about the hiring trends we have observed in the industry.

Browse the top 10 most wanted art jobs below:

1. Internships – Surprise, surprise! The most coveted positions in the arts are the most common and almost everyone’s first job in the industry.

Scope Art Show Communications Intern

2. Development – Any non-profit is driven by donations. A development position is purely focused on raising the level and volume of donations, while expanding community outreach. Patrons of the arts exist everywhere – but everyone is after their contributions so let the best development employee win!

3. Museum Director – Think your job is tough? Try managing a museum, their collection, their staff AND have time left over to court donors. Dry clean your best outfits because you will be wining and dining until you drop.

4. Gallery Associate – Working your way up the ladder? Great! But the hard work has just begun. Supporting the upper level management, herding egos and getting your day to day tasks done is no easy feat!

Japan Society Gallery Associate

5. Art Handler/Preparator – Most visitors to a show have no idea what goes into preparation. Walls are made, artworks are installed, and layouts are masterfully created by a talented team. If you like physical labor – this is a great job for you!

Stand and Build Freelance Fabricator/Woodworker

6. Communications – More and more art institutions are hiring in-house communications teams. The way we communicate is in full revolution and the art world is scrambling to keep up. Great with managing mass email services, social media, press reports and other communications? This job is for you.

The Armory Show Museum outreach coordinator

7. Writer/Copywriter/Grant writer – Think that descriptive text wrote itself? Think again. Writing is an incredibly important skill and very much in demand in most art businesses. Think of it as an institution’s life line. Put your love for art and writing to use!

8. Conservator– Think artworks don’t need repair/upkeep/restoration? Think again. This is a niche industry within the arts, but highly specific and highly in demand for qualified candidates.

9. Studio Manager – Think working for an artist would be easy? Working for an artist requires lots of organizational, managerial and communication skills. This is a great job for highly motivated individuals who want to see an artist’s legacy grow!

10. Sales Associate – Any business needs a salesperson. This is particularly true with a finicky industry like art. Think you know what it takes to sell a piece of art? It is tougher than it sounds.

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